5-week Beginner’s Wine Appreciation course

Aimed at those that enjoy drinking wine but would like to know more, this easy to follow and informative course will give you all the tools you need to appreciate wine more.

Over five evenings in the company of a wine expert, you will learn how to taste wine using a simple three step approach, what makes wines different, how to read a wine label, how to serve and store wine correctly, where to buy wine, how to pair food and wine, classic white wines, the differences between old and new world wines, classic red wines, sparkling and fortified wines and anything else wine related that you would like to know.

week 1: How to taste wine, what makes wine different, how to read a wine label.

week 2: Classic white wines, how white wine is made, storing and serving wine.

week 3: Classic red wines, how red wine is made, where to buy wine.

week 4: Old world v New world wine, how to pair food and wine.

week 6: Sparkling and Fortified wines.

How much: £150.00

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